These wings have a story to tell

Tattered wings
Tattered Wings, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on photo to enlarge)

Frayed wings reveal grief
Heart desires pristine respite
Mind soldiers forward

This butterfly must have quite a story to tell.  It seems to have been through a lot, but it’s still pretty.  It reminded me of a program I saw recently on monarch butterflies.  One of the segments showed a butterfly after a very long migration northward.  She had just finished laying her eggs on a milkweed and was trying to fly away.  Her wings were tattered and transparent; her colors and design were faded; she was weak and could barely fly.  What a journey they have.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Annie Budhathoki, L.Ac
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 12:42:15

    This is a remarkable piece, I love it! The artistic expressions are beautiful!


  2. pjhair
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 20:27:52

    What a journey they have, indeed. And what a gift to be a witness of even a small part. Beautiful.


  3. Meanderer
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 12:18:28

    What a wonderful image of this resilient beauty! They really do go through a hazardous journey.


  4. zumpoems
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 10:25:47

    Very nice — each line sets a different tone to product a whole mood and message!


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