Ask and you shall receive an answer – maybe!

Don’t listen to friends when the Friend inside you says “Do this”  Gandhi

In my last post I talked about my first experiences with guided imagery and visual imagery and about asking my “inner advisor” questions.  I had, and still have, many questions.  So, with a new tool in hand, I went home to practice, practice, practice.  I followed the guidance I received, but I wasn’t getting answers.  My inner advisor wasn’t talking to me.

But wait!  The strange part to me was putting a question “out there.”  And even more confusing to me was how I would receive the answers.  I didn’t know what would happen or what I would feel.  How would I know it’s the answer?  How would I know I wasn’t just making it up?  My pain psychologist told me that I would know, because it would feel “right.”  He also provided a simple explanation that really helped me understand.  He said it’s like trying to remember someone’s name.  You try your hardest to remember what it is – it’s right on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t think of the name.  So, you leave it and go on to something else, and then suddenly the name comes to you at a later time.  You say to yourself, oh yeah, that’s it!…and you know it’s the right answer!  The subconscious remembered and gave you the name.  Ok, I get it now.  I was violating some of the things I was supposed to remember from the last post:  be patient, don’t strain or overwork it – just go with it.  This is something that is just can’t be planned or structured.

A quick side note – I read a post this last week about some problem solving techniques that may work when you get stuck and can’t arrive at an answer.  Just changing something, like taking a break or shifting your body position, can help you refocus and develop solutions.

Sometimes an answer will not arrive so simply as remembering someone’s name.  As explained to me, answers will likely come to you as an insight.  Everyone has different experiences, but it may be a feeling, thought, memory, reassurance, etc.  The difference is that it will arrive with a strong feeling that it is the right answer.

So, did I ever get any answers to my questions?  The answer is yes…..and no.  I’m still waiting for many answers.  The answers I received initially came as strong “a-ha” moments (three in one day), but I got my first response five months after I started the meditation and guided imagery!  Wow – patience is definitely important and I’m glad I didn’t totally give up on it.  The first one actually felt like someone was in the room talking to me, which startled me because I was alone in the house.  It felt really freaky, but great!  This had never happened to me before, but I knew this was an answer to one of my questions…..and it really did feel right!  In the last few months, I have experienced very strong nagging feelings.  If I don’t listen to that particular feeling, I end up paying for it later!

A few months ago I was watching an episode of Oprah where she said she was wondering whether to have a certain guest on her show.  She meditated about it and asked what she should do.  Later, as she was in the shower, she said she heard “a voice within her” give her a response.  If I remember correctly, it went something like, “don’t make it about your ego – don’t make the same mistake you made with” someone else.  At first she didn’t understand what it meant, but followed up on it and the result was that specific show I was watching.  I was enthused (and feeling little silly by this) because I understood what she meant by that “voice within myself!”  If I had seen this show just a few months earlier, before I had my new tools in hand, I’m sure I would have brushed it off due to ignorance.

Here are more things I needed to remember about this process:

  • If I’m not getting answers to my questions, then realize that the body needs to learn to trust the mind and the heart.
  • How do you get the body to trust?  Express gratitude for what you have learned.  Say something like, “thank you for what I have realized.”  Reward yourself!
  • Put aside the planning attitude.  Just be curious and aware, and eventually our body should tell us what is next.
  • The more openly you can observe and probe, the more progress you will make.
  • Don’t dismiss those strong feelings.  They are usually right!

Here is another take on trusting ourselves from a blog that I follow:


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  1. pjhair
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 21:11:56

    This sounds the same as what in Craniosacral Therapy is referred to as the “inner physician”. I’m so glad you are sharing your experiences with it. Over the course of fifteen years of working with people, I have seen it direct many powerful healing moments — the results are often much more than anything as a facilitator I could have constructed with my own agenda.

    Your attitude in this writing also reminds me of a quote I heard just this week – “Get hooked on fascination instead of frustration.” — Anonymous


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