Ichigo Ichie

(pronounced each-ee-go  each-ee-ay)

I first learned of this phrase about three years ago.  My dear friend, who grew up in Japan, used it to describe her admiration for the volunteer work I was doing.  She explained that it was an old Japanese saying, which means “one chance, one meeting” – each meeting is unique.  Her interpretation:  that every chance meeting in life has a meaning to each other’s lives.  I have liked this saying ever since.

This is my personal application of ichigo ichie.  In my personal life,  I am married to a wonderful husband and I cannot imagine being with anyone else.  Had we not met several years ago at work, we would not be together today – ichigo ichie.  I have a very close and special relationship with my Mother.  She is an amazing and compassionate woman who has been there for me and helped me through many tough times.  I could not imagine having anyone else as my Mother, so in the beginning for me, and to this day, it is ichigo ichie.  Had I not met two special people several years ago, one at work and one where I was volunteering, they would not be my best friends today – ichigo ichie.

Where my healthcare is concerned, if I didn’t go to the primary care doctor I have now, I may not have met three very skilled and gifted healers who form my primary treatment team today.  My main treatment now is alternative medicine.  I met one healer, who suggested another healer, who suggested another healer, and there you have it – ichigo ichie times three.

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  1. latebloomerbuds
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 06:21:04

    I just had to see what ichigo ichie meant. I am ALSO a lover of all things Japanese besides haiku. So glad our paths have crossed. Margie


  2. Felicity
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 15:40:41

    Wonderful to meet you here via my lovely friend Margie who has just commented before me.

    I’d never heard of this phrase before but really like it.

    Happy day!


  3. Basil Rene
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 00:04:03

    I have enjoyed your blog tremendously with every posting and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! See the post at this link http://lifewithsarcoidosis.com/2012/03/26/versatile-blogger-award/ and I look forward to many more posts from you. All the best! Basil Rene –http:// lifewithsarcoidosis.com


  4. Indira
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 11:44:08

    I was just going to ask you what does this means, here I got the answer, thanks. Wonderful to meet you,thanks for visiting my blog. If you don’t mind what you are suffering from.


  5. Armida
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 07:03:42

    It’s like saying, “First thought, best thought.”


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