Alternative Treatment Results – Digestion

In this post, I thought I would include some of my experiences and results with alternative treatments specifically with the digestive issues that baffled many of my doctors.  I have a better understanding now of what may have been happening.  The problem:  Intense stomach pain, nausea, difficulty keeping food down for nearly eight months and significant weight loss.


My acupuncturist said my digestive system had become imbalanced and that we needed to improve my body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Her recommendation was acupuncture to help the body correct digestive imbalances and manage pain.  She also recommended adding easily digestible foods to my meals, three times a day, for about six months, and gave me a recipe for “congee.”  Congee is an Asian rice porridge, which can include other ingredients to improve flavor and increase nutrients.  Because congee is easy on the stomach, eating it daily can help the body learn how to digest food properly again.  Better digestion improves nutrient absorption, which improves the body’s healing ability.  In just over a month with weekly acupuncture sessions, I had a noticeable decrease in stomach pain.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and Massage Therapy

My posting on CST described the cranial rhythm as the flow of spinal fluid through the spine and is separate from the pulse or rhythm of the heartbeat.  An abnormality (change in the rhythm) can cause problems in the body.  My therapist described the normal human cranial rhythm as being similar to the smooth swimming motion of a dolphin, and cycles about six to twelve times a minute. More