…and so it begins…

Soul Searching - Bryce Canyon NP by Fergiemoto
Soul Searching – Bryce Canyon NP, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”  — Nelson Mandela

…my first blog posting on my first blog ever. I guess you can also call this my blogging journey.

I thought I would start out with a photo, which I have titled Soul Searching, to represent my journeys.  I took this along the Queens Garden Trail at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.  I’m not a professional photographer – I like to take pictures.  I also like to manipulate photos and see what kind of art I can create with them.  Exploring creativity is part of my healing process, so I’ll be posting some of my photos and art as we go along. I hope you enjoy them.